Miss Vermicelli Sevai Healthy And Organic Food Good For Weight Loss 250gm Made With Wheat


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1. Vermicelli: Vermicelli is made from wheat. Vermicelli is similar in appearance to noodles but is much thinner. They are a form of rice noodles. They are often referred to as rice noodles or rice sticks. Vermicelli does not have much flavor of its own, but readily absorbs the flavors of whatever ingredients it is cooked with. Owing to their lack of flavor, they can be added to any dish. 2. Usage: It is used to make both sweet as well as savory dishes in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh such as sevai which are most commonly prepared on the festivals of Diwali and Eid. It is also consumed as a breakfast dish in Southern India named Santhakai. In Mexican and Latin cuisine it is commonly used in chicken soup and a few side dishes. Vermicelli is widely popular all throughout China and Asia and is used in a variety of recipes including stir-fries, soups and salads. 3. With the increasing demand for Organic food, Organic nature is the modern day’s answer to the needs of authentic, healthy and wholesome foods. The real Indian Gourmet experience by combining the best traditional technics. It is simply handcrafted with at most care. 4. Wheat vermicelli: Vermicelli is an extruded instant food product basically made from wheat flour. Other flours like groundnut, soybean or tapioca are also mixed with wheat flour to make it more nutritive. They are easily affordable, tasty and easy to make. This product can be made in many states of the country but this project profile is given to set up a unit in the state of MP.
2. Vermicelli is calorie dense and not the best choice for people who are trying to lose weight. Healthy and organic Food.
3. It is rich in carbohydrates that are essential for energy production in the body.. Handcrafted.
4. Vermicelli rice noodles are not a good source of protein and are therefore cooked with other ingredients to obtain benefit from it.
5. The fat content in vermicelli is almost zero.. Store in cool and dry place.
6. Whole wheat is highly beneficial for a healthy living as it improves body metabolism, controls obesity and high blood sugar levels. Keeps the digestive track smooth
7. Best before 1 year. Prevents from diabetes