Skin Care in Winter Tips

Skincare in Winter tips
Skincare in Winter tips

5 Ways You Can Get More Skin Care In Winter Tips

In winter it is cold and dry

It gets spoiled by the fact that we use the heater which further dries the air. It can be very challenging to keep your skin moist during these extreme cold months.

Here are some tips for taking care of your skin during winter.

Skincare in Winter tips
Skincare in Winter tips

Skin Care In Winter Tips

1- Cover yourself with warm clothes

If possible, wear woolen gloves to keep your hands warm. When you go to bed, wear socks to keep your feet warm and it will also prevent your feet from drying.

For extra moisture, when you wash your feet at night, apply leg cream well on your feet and immediately put it on your socks. It will soften your feet while sleeping at night.

2- Moisturize your body

Apply a lotion or body cream to protect your skin from the seal in moisture. If you do not apply any moisturizer on your body then your skin will easily flutter and dry up.

Be sure to put a good moisturizer before going to bed in the morning and evening before going home. Apply moisturizer to your hands every time when you wash them.

There are many types of lotions, body creams and body moisturizers that you can use.



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3- Wash with moisturizing soap or body wash

Use body wash or soap in which lotion or cream is mixed so that it does not wash your skin. An oil based soap like glycerine is also a good idea.

Add some drops of baby oil to your bath. Oil can seal a little moisture in your skin.

4- Stay hydrated throughout the day

When it is cold, then we drink less water. But you need to maintain your water intake during winter. You need to hydrate your body and your skin from inside.

If you can not drink water often, drink at least fluid throughout the day; Whether it is juice, tea or hot chocolate.

5- Keep the air moist

You can use a humidifier to moisten the room air. Or you can put a small bowl of water in front of the heater for the maintenance of room humidity. This should cause some humidity in the air so that it does not dry up.

It is important to take care of your skin during the cold months, so it is a good idea to stock on body cream and lotions that you can get in a cosmetic wholesaler in bulk.

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