Ketofy – Keto Flour (1kg) | 0.4g Net Carb/Chapati | Sugar Control Atta | Helps Manage Weight | Ultra Low GI Keto Atta with Superfood Ingredients – Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Peanuts | Gluten Free Atta


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Product Description

Get Wholesome Keto Nutrition! Keto Flour Keto atta 1kgKeto Flour Keto atta 1kg

Ketofy Keto Low Carb Atta is a combination of essential keto nutrition, namely low carb, high fat, and moderate protein. Keto flour 1 kg can be utilized in numerous ways, catering to everyday atta needs of making rotis, parathas as well as a perfect match for delicacies like pizza crusts, etc.

Utilize the Keto Atta to Combine Health and Taste Keto Blueberry Muffins (Icon: Low Carb) Keto Blueberry Muffins (Icon: Low Carb) Keto Blueberry Muffins

The easiest dish to make using this keto flour is blueberry muffins that are essentially low carb yet gratifying to the sweet tooth

Keto Cinnamon Rolls Keto Cinnamon Rolls Keto Cinnamon Rolls

Keto flour helps make the healthiest cinnamon rolls, which are a super chewy and flavoursome keto food.

Keto Yeast BreadKeto Yeast Bread Keto Yeast Bread

This Keto atta helps make strong, elastic dough bread with a soft texture that needs to be kneaded gently.

Keto TortillasKeto Tortillas Keto Tortillas

This atta can be used to make tortillas for tacos, sandwich wraps, or enchiladas. It’s easily customizable for both plain and spicy.

Why Choose Ketofy Keto Atta

Ketofy Low Carb Atta is a unique formulation of rich superfood ingredients, including Peanut, Corn Bran, Whey Protein, Almond, Binding Agent (Xanthan Gum), Pumpkin Seed, Sweetener (Erythritol) and other healthy ingredients that make it nutrient dense.

The gluten free flour is completely keto compliant with just 1 gram net carb per roti. While being guilt free, the atta ensures appetite suppression and feeling of fullness.Ketofy Atta also does not trigger gluten allergy and as it is completely free from wheat protein.To get wholesome keto nutrition, you can make healthy snacks out of the keto atta, be it almond flour or coconut flour. These flour options are completely free from preservatives and hence do not produce any unwanted side effects

What kind of fibers are included in keto flour for the keto diet?

It includes multiple types of fibers like oat fiber and soy protein fiber that keep you fuller. for a longer period.

Does it taste like a normal roti?

Yes! Rotis made using this ultra-low-carb flour have a very similar taste to normal wheat flour roti.

Is it gluten free?

Yes! Ketofy Keto Atta is completely free from wheat protein (gluten).

Is this keto flour suitable for making dosa?

No! It’s best to use keto flour for making chapatis and parathas. You can use Ketofy Keto Dosa Mix to make yummy and crispy dosas.

How much protein and fiber is available in every serving of these keto rotis?

In each serving (2 chapatis) of keto rotis, you get 12.72g of protein and 17.02g of dietary fiber.

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Simplify Your Keto With KetofySimplify Your Keto With Ketofy

The Most Trusted Wellness BrandsThe Most Trusted Wellness Brands

Just 0.4g Carbs Per Chapati for Weight Management: Replace your regular wheat flour with this low carb flour and you’ll see how weight management becomes super easy. Unlike regular atta, this keto diet atta has just 0.4g net carbs/chapati and will help avoid fat deposition in your body.
Richness of Fiber and Protein for Healthy Digestion: Our sugar free atta has a nutritionally balanced composition. Every serving of chapati made using keto flour will provide you 17g dietary fiber and 4.4g protein respectively for healthy digestion and increased satiety. An added benefit? It also has a moderate protein content.
No Compromise on the Taste of Your Chapatis: Our keto atta does not require you to put in any extra effort to make soft and puffed fulkas. You can simply knead it with warm water and roll it like regular wheat atta and proceed ahead with making Rotis. The result is fine-tasting, puffed, and healthy chapatis.
Helped 1.5 Million People Achieve Their Health Goals: Ketofy has become synonymous with the finest healthy food products on the market. Ketofy fitness food products are researched-based and have helped 1.5 million people achieve their sugar management, weight management, and other health goals. And our family is constantly growing. Join us!