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At Healthy Panda, we are very particular about the ingredients we use while preparing instant food for babies. This – organic oats – Porridge- is prepared using 12 Natural ingredients. While formulating a perfect – oats for baby 1 year- we explore the actual health benifit the ingredients actually offer to your little one. The Oats & Nuts porridge contains – organic ots – blended with 6 different dryfruits, 3 millets & blend of spice and grains. The high fiber in – Oats powder – is high on fiber and nutrients, which is good for digestion and gentle on stomack. The nutrients in millets offer enough energy for the growth of your little ones. The major task is done by the blend of – Dryfruit Powder – which is a blend of Walnut, Almond, Cashew, Dry dates, Cardamom, Pumpkin seeds. The blend of – Dryfruit powder – helps in building a healthy immune system, Helps develop brain health, maintains healthy weight, helps kids in having a longer healthy life. The rich source of Protein, Fiber, magnesium, Phosperous in the Natural – baby food – is a big plus. At Healthy panda, we unsure the highest level of hygeine, freshness, and quality. Hence, we never get into mass production. Our – baby cereal mix – is always prepared in a small weekly fresh batch, so that the product you receive is not older than 10-15 days. We also give utmost care when it comes to packing. To ensure the porridge reaches you in perfect state, we use highest quality packing system, which has 3 layers of packing. Rest assured, the taste and quality of our porridge mix is soo good that, it is also used as – Porridge for adults – along with – Porridge for kids.
2. Instant oats – Oats powder – is a great food for babies as Oats are a rich source of fiber & Nutrition, which are gentle on stomack & helps in digestion
3. Its a great option for parents looking for-baby food for 6 month baby – baby oats food for 1 year – as Oats & Nuts porridge is a perfect blend of – Organic oats – Dryfruit powder-Millets powder-making it a perfect-Organic baby food.
4. This -oat porridge-blended with rich – dry fruits powder, oats powder- helps in digestion and overall growth
5. Oats porridge, Blended with almond & walnut act as a perfect brain booster. This – Oatmeal for babies helps in brain development of your little ones.
6. This – toddler food – is not just a plain – oat flour – this is a combination of – Millets food – Dry fruit powder – making it a perfect – oats powder for babies.
7. Healthy panda’s – baby oats – is rich in fiber that helps in bowel movement.