AccuSure Glucometer Saftey Lancets | Twist Top Lancets (Pack of 100) 30G


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AccuSure lancets can be used with any lancing tools. With relatively longer self-live, these sterile lancets can be stored for maximum period. Best Design Now say goodbye to the pain you used to encounter every time you went for test. These Lancets are constructed to reduce the amount of pain you feel while pricking yourself. round makes it virtually painless to penetrate. The tip is so thin that you will hardly feel it going through your skin. Only a tiny prick is enough to draw a good amount of blood.
Additional blood: can be added to the test strip within 10 seconds after applying the first drop
Smaller Application: Requires a tiny amount of 0.3 µL sample size and uses biosensor technology
Elegant Design: The lancets have an elegant design makes it really easy to operate
Universal Design: The universal design allows to fit almost all lancing devices