OH CHA – Hibiscus Tea with Raspberry & Lemongrass | Herbal Tea, 35gms | Blended with Mulethi, Orange Peel, Rose Hip | Caffeine Free Herbal Tea for Fatty Liver | Health Drink for Women, Men | Immunity Booster for kids, adults | Liver Detox


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How do I brew this tea?

Bring water close to a boil (80-90C), pour over a spoon of tea leaves and steep for 3-7 minutes depending on the tea and your desired strength. Never boil water with green teas or herbal teas. Overboiling water leads to a “flat” taste.

Can I have this tea with milk? What about Sugar or honey?

Most of our teas are meant to be enjoyed with water. However some black teas can be enjoyed with milk too, specially our dessert and spices collection. We prefer honey and a lot of our blends have natural sweeteners like liquorice or stevia.

What is the best time to consume tea?

It is best to consume black teas in the first half of the day, herbal and green teas can be consumed throughout the day depending on their function. Eg: Peppermint is best after meals for debloating while chamomile or lavender is best before bed.

What are your teabags made of? Is it Nylon?

Our teabags are either made with filter paper or cornstarch PLA material. It is not Nylon.

Why is Loose Leaf tea better?

Loose-leaf tea offers a stronger flavor profile because the tea leaves tend to be fresher, is less ground-down and unfurls more. This allows the water to flow through the leaves and extract a wide range of vitamins, minerals flavors and aroma.

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