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Product Description

Millets dosaMillets dosa

Millets Dosa Mix (200 gms each)

Dosa is the one of the most savored dishes across India, it is a staple meal and craved by many as an alternative to snacking. But what if we told you that there is a healthier way of having Dosa? FittR Bites brings to you a delicious fusion of tradition x super nutrition with our Millets Dosa Mix. Made to meet convenience, it is in an instant and easy to cook format healthy breakfast. It is prepared with the high-quality and nutritious ingredients to help you add value to your food.

FittR Bites Millets Dosa mix is made from three millets and three dals. This healthy dosa mix is based on homemade recipe and is 100% natural. Millets are gluten free, fiber, vitamins and minerals. FittR Bites dosa mix is also a weight loss dosa mix, because it will help to control your appetite. Devour it as a delightful family meal or as a snack to honor taste cravings within a matter of minutes. A convenient way of including Millets in your daily meals, helping you stay fit & healthy.

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Steps of food preparationSteps of food preparation

A bowl in which fruits and vegetables are tossed inA bowl in which fruits and vegetables are tossed in

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FittR Bites Tip

Want to make it a full-fledged meal? Have it with sambhar or a variety of curries.

Spice up your Dosa time with different types of chutneys like peanut, tomato, coconut chutneys.

Also, we suggest you try our delicious mixes of Millets Khichdi, Oats Idli & Jowar Upma.

Nutritious Food, ready to serve in simple steps

Step 1 – In a vessel, add 1 cup of millet dosa mix, 1 cup of water, and 1/2 cup of curd. Mix these ingredients to form a batter type consistency. Add more water, if required. Set aside to ferment for 30 mins (optional)

Step 2 – Heat a non-stick dosa pan and smear a few spoons of oil. Add one ladle of batter on the pan and spread in round circular motion.

Step 3 – Add a few drops of oil and cook on medium flame for 3-4 minutes till the bottom turns golden brown. Add chopped onions and green chillies to enhance taste (optional)

Step 4 – Flip the dosa to cook on other side.

Tasty dosa ready to serve with chutney.

Key Ingredients

Little MilletsFoxtail milletsGreen gram (moong dal)Black gram (urad dal)Bengal gram (chana dal)Spices – salt, cumin, black pepper, curry leaves, fenugreek, dehydrated garlic and ginger powder.

Benefits of Millets

Millet is a gluten-free grain. It is a powerhouse of nutrients including high protein, dietary fibres, antioxidants, B vitamins, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium etc. Some studies show that millet can raise your “good” cholesterol levels. Because cholesterol is such a big risk factor for heart disease, eating millet regularly may help keep your heart healthier. Other benefits of millets also include help in controlling blood sugar and improving digestive health.

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Why buy Fittr Bites?

Ready to cookNo added PreservativesNo artificial flavoursNo artificial ColoursMade with Quality IngredientsNutritious & Filling alternative to unhealthy snacksFusion of Nutrition x Convenience x TraditionMillets are super nutritious

About FittR Bites

A healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a goal.

FittR biTes is here to accompany you on that journey. As a new age food brand, FittR bites brings to you many traditional recipes and healthy breakfast products, using traditional ingredients in much more convenient formats. Our tasty and healthy food items are carefully curated to make your life easier. We make no compromises on nutritious homemade food quality while promoting a wide range of healthy products.

Eat FittR Bites & Be Fitter!

Easy to cook – dosa mix ready in 2 minutes
Source of protein and fiber
Made with millets and dals. No rice
Package Content: 2 X 200 Gm of Multi Millets Dosa Instant Mix